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I was in a motorcycle accident TWICE in the span of two weeks.


On top of a LOT of other stupid bullshit garbage.


Still trying to make things, as best as I can, considering my hand is pretty fucked, and I can't really see anything.


If anyone wants to help, a friend made a GoFundMe, I would appreciate any help in the matter, regardless if you donate or not, just at least if you can share it around, that'd be fucking cool of all of you.


I know I probably don't deserve the help, as I figure with all the crazy shit happening to me in the past month I must have fucked someone's day up really, really, bad.


Anyways, thank you for at least reading this, and thanks for being awesome.


Sorry, Yo.

2017-09-27 23:13:58 by Kreyowitz

First off, I want to say thank you to anyone who decided to buy a shirt or a mug, its really cool of you to support my show and support a charity that I like, I really appreciate it.


Secondly though, sorry I have been basically non-existant, i'm just doing a lot of shit now like driving an hour to work and just being generally tired or unmotivated, I hate it, but even when I force myself to try and make stuff I don't know what to do and feel burnt out.

I want to make more music and art but I just have no fucking ideas, and when I do, all my motivation goes out the fucking window on the drive home.

So sorry for everyone who has been waiting for more content, i've just been in a shitty spot for a while now, and im not sure when it'll be okay.

YO! Grab A Shirt! (Please.)

2017-09-14 01:27:03 by Kreyowitz

What's up everyone, been working a lot lately, but I finally got off my ass for a day and finished a shirt deisgn that's been on the back burner FOREVER.


I made a Teespring campaign for it since 50% goes to helping out my shitty youtube channel "The Protatoes," and the other 50% goes to CHARITY!

Yes, 50% of all profits goes to "Child's Play," because it's a good cause, it's also a cool shirt.


UPDATE: There's now a No Background Variant available, or even a Coffee Mug!




Please check it out, and consider buying a shirt, for charity, and to help out the show!

thanks everyone! - Shirt With BG - Shirt and Mug without BG

Shit's rough right now.

2017-05-16 23:24:42 by Kreyowitz

Real rough.


I've had to sell essentially everything I own just to get food and pay rent.


Got a part-time job at minimum wage, that my dumb ass has to drive 25 miles to get to.


Essentially at a point that if things don't get better, I either become homeless, or I die.


We'll see what happens.


Shit's Rough.

New song up!

2017-04-16 07:40:18 by Kreyowitz

Check out the Chemical Plant Remix over here:


It's from the Time Crunch EP, that is available to all my Patrons of ANY Tier!


Check it out!

Where I am now.

2017-03-31 00:41:05 by Kreyowitz

I'm Jobless.



I'm broke, jobless, and I have a Spinal Injury.


I'm still making music, and I can probably get myself a job somewhere, but I really do not know whats going to happen from this point on, and to be honest im done sitting in the background all the fucking time like I do.


I'm putting up my Patreon (finally,) and if you want to donate, please do, but PLEASE act as if it's a tip-jar, I really don't know what I can give to you at this point other than thanks and maybe custom music or art or something.


So thanks everyone for supporting me, and I hope I can still make music and stuff in the future, but we'll see where it goes from here.


Here's my Patreon:


Thanks for everything!


2016-11-22 00:49:24 by Kreyowitz

Hey everyone, its been a LONG time since i've posted, and NOT MUCH has been happening.


Almost all of my time has been pre-occupied by playing games, working, and making videos for my second channel, and helping out my buddy MrBaffaCake.

I've been in some super shitty and lazy moods, and I really need to motivate myself to actually MAKE something.


Anyways, not too much going on, but heres some links to my YouTube Gaming channel, and to MrBaffaCake's channel.


The Protatoes - MY Second Gaming Channel

MrBaffaCake - Mah Buddy

Updates. Baby.

2016-02-07 02:44:29 by Kreyowitz



I know I rarely post updates or anything, but I figured I owe SOME explanation to why I haven't been posting much.


I've been making a lot of music lately, been moving around a bit, my job at the hospital has gotten harder almost every month, but still, gotta move forward.


So, I went to PAX South, and holy FUCKING SHIT, it was probably the best time i've ever had.


Everyone there was super fucking cool, never had a single problem with anyone, and I even got to meet Cliff Bleszinski and fucking MICK LAUER, or RicePirate to those who dont know, and another awesome dude, Michael McBride, a.k.a AngelXMikey, who's a pretty kickass Artist/Animator, so check him out.


Both were awesome dudes stacked on top of an awesome time, and I even met some kick ass Indie devs making some cool and interesting games...


I'm gonna be making a video on my YouTube channel recapping all these updates and the coverage at PAX South, and i'll be sure to post it here when I do, hopefully i'll have that up by Tuesday.


Anyways, thanks for reading, if you did, and stay

Busy, busy, busy.

2015-10-23 17:40:09 by Kreyowitz

Full time jobs take a lot out of you, couple that with trying to move out, and editing videos for your new gaming channel...

Yeah, I'm stretching myself thin for sure, but sometimes someone comes around and asks you to make a remix to some weird Youtube video, and, well, you make something like this:

The Legend of Carl



We're Okay, FOR NOW.

2015-09-24 05:30:57 by Kreyowitz

Not a super huge news post, but my new computer is running fine. 


Well other than my GPU is super out of whack atm and i'm saving up for that GTX 980ti WHAAAAAAT.

Anyways, job at the hospital has been hitting really hard lately, non-stop craziness all around, been killing my creativity a lot so I haven't had motivation to make any music.


I might sometime soon though, some friends of mine have been way too cool to me lately, even gave me some spotlights in thier youtube videos and such.


the awesome guys are MrBaffaCake and AnusOfGod.

Anyways, i'll try to work on some more music soon, I'm sure some of you have been waiting, haha.


Thanks for reading!