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Most definitely my Favorite Jin and Eddy thus far, keep it up man!

Not bad at all.

This is nice, simple, touching.

To be honest the whole thing is not really my taste, but the piano was Christmasextacular.

But I know what you were trying to do, and that's all taht matters.

Twas good.

GamekrazzyProduction responds:

Thanks Aztech, I am glad you liked it!


Yes it's an endless random loop, but it's great.

*ring ring* Hello? I'm kinda busy, Team Rocket? Team Rocket can suck on mah balls. Magikarp, do a splash attack.

best ever.

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Still don't care how shitty this game may be, like the idea of it, and my music is in it, so it will always have some weird fuzzy spot in my heart.

DannyP responds:

Your honesty is appreciated. I'll try to put your music to better use if I make anything new.

Very entertaining!

I like this game! It's fun, and the instant respawn is nice!

My only gripe with this is that I wish there were more levels.... :|

It's pretty damn fun.

It's a very simple, yet addicting game.

The song is cool, but after the fifth or six time it loops it gets old.

Once I beat Stage 8 I was hoping maybe I'd be done or something, but nope, Stage 9 came up and I was like "fuck it."

Got to the point where I couldn't see most of the pixels, ended up with a final score of 70,538.

All in all it's a good game, cool concept, good music, simple and fun.

10 from me.

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This is fucking solid, man. A+

Lockyn responds:

yooo kreyboy thanks <3

This is actually really nice sounding, and it really, REALLY reminds me of early 2000's techno/trance, which isn't a bad thing, but it's not a GREAT thing either. It's very upbeat though, and I like the idea portrayed in it, but, although it loops PERFECTLY, it just seems like you looped it midway anyways, in the sense that there was nothing else you could think of to add to it.

It's not a bad track at all, but it lacks a certain luster, and i'm sure if you go back and spend a little more time on it, it could be a catchy dance hit.

I will say this though, it sounds better mixed than any of the crap I make.

EctiBot responds:

Glad you liked the track Aztech :). I agree what you mean with it looping midways. Is actually exactly what I did X3. I haven't had much sparetime lately because of school so when I finally had a couple of hours to make music a wednesday night I had to kinda do it quickly or else I knew that it would be a while before I could upload again :3. Thus I kinda just made it and when I had to go to bed I just stopped working on it and made into a loop instead X3. Wasn't really meant as a loop when I made it.
I migt go back and work on this in the future when I got more time :D.
Glad you liked the mix ;)

Btw, your music is awesome :D!

How the hell have I not reviewed this track yet? What. WHY.

This is a f**kin' bangin' track, mate. I seriously love this, it makes me want to dance like an IDIOT, then it calms down, with that sexual piano and the SNAPS. Then IT HITS YOU HARDER, AND MY GOD, I dunno what synth that is, but it sounds like a modernized Genesis Chipset thing, I dunno, I suck at this music stuff, BUT HOLY HELL, it sounds sooo goooood. Then you come back down with an awesome mix of piano and synth and SNAPS, god damn.

You should be proud that you made this, this is seriously something I can't even compare to, at least, NOT YET! >:3

Anyways, this is outstanding, and if the rest of the EP is even CLOSE to as good as this, then you'll go somewhere big in NO time, I promise you that.

Keep up the everything.

Lockyn responds:


Thanks so much. Those snaps awsum I know, I was like THIS IS THE ONLY REASON THIS TRACK IS GOOD LOLOLOL.

I am proud! You already compared MUAHAHAHAHAHA

dude, thanks... I hope so. You're awesome you know that? :D

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This is fucking cool, I love this! Awesome work!

cashumeru responds:

thanks, much appreciated!

Rockin' homie, A+


This is great, it's like a perfect representation of Murshaq! 10/10

For the people saying "It doesn't look anything like Shaq WAHHHHHHH"

it's from Sickanimation, go look it up sometime.


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