Entry #59

Hey everyone, here's whats going on right now.

2018-02-18 16:20:11 by Kreyowitz

I was in a motorcycle accident TWICE in the span of two weeks.


On top of a LOT of other stupid bullshit garbage.


Still trying to make things, as best as I can, considering my hand is pretty fucked, and I can't really see anything.


If anyone wants to help, a friend made a GoFundMe, I would appreciate any help in the matter, regardless if you donate or not, just at least if you can share it around, that'd be fucking cool of all of you.


I know I probably don't deserve the help, as I figure with all the crazy shit happening to me in the past month I must have fucked someone's day up really, really, bad.


Anyways, thank you for at least reading this, and thanks for being awesome.




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