YO! Grab A Shirt! (Please.)

2017-09-14 01:27:03 by Kreyowitz

What's up everyone, been working a lot lately, but I finally got off my ass for a day and finished a shirt deisgn that's been on the back burner FOREVER.


I made a Teespring campaign for it since 50% goes to helping out my shitty youtube channel "The Protatoes," and the other 50% goes to CHARITY!

Yes, 50% of all profits goes to "Child's Play," because it's a good cause, it's also a cool shirt.


UPDATE: There's now a No Background Variant available, or even a Coffee Mug!




Please check it out, and consider buying a shirt, for charity, and to help out the show!

thanks everyone!

https://teespring.com/halloweek-of-fright-2016#pid=2&cid=576&sid=front - Shirt With BG

https://teespring.com/halloweek-of-fright-2016-noBG#pid=2&cid=2397&sid=front - Shirt and Mug without BG


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2017-09-14 04:22:30

I think it'd work better if it had a transparent background, and if it wasn't cut out like that. To actually have the skeleton by itself, from head to toes, in an amazing perspective pose, and then the quote. Have you studied many T-shirt designs?

Kreyowitz responds:

Originally that's actually what it was going to be, but I offered up two versions, one without a background, and one with, and the one they wanted more was the background one. So while it doesn't look as good meshing with the shirt, it's what the other guys wanted.