What's with all these GOD DAMN DELAYS?!

2013-10-23 18:59:06 by Kreyowitz

Real life stuff is going on! Yeah!

Anyways, I've been working more, and I haven't been able to get creative at ALL lately.

Plus, the new Rhythm Robot Album is on Hiatus until my partner can start getting out of the same friggin creativity block that i'm in.

The Collab with Lockyn, is....well....I dunno.

Lockyn is the friggin' coolest guy ever, seriously, but it sucks because we both can't figure out what to do for our Track.


Anyways, hopefully something happens in the next week or so. Auuughh.


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2013-10-23 19:03:41

Lockyn is the best dude in the world! :D

Kreyowitz responds:

Seriously, coolest dude ever.


2013-10-24 16:19:03

Lockyn is awesome, the track will be awesome, you are awesome, awesome is awesome, the wabbajack.

Kreyowitz responds:



2013-10-31 01:41:23

awwwww <3 Thanks, I'm glad you guys think so x3 You're all super cool too. Like, I'm not because I'm a lazyass who doesn't get stuff done LOL. Seriously though, I need to get cracking on that, Aztech... it's not we can't figure it out, it's I need to make some freaking time to work on it x)

Y'all are awesome. Seriously. Awesome. Gawdamnit.